HC-Mold Maker is committed to providing superior part design, mold design and engineering services. After we get your part design, our engineer will have a very detailed review to insure there is adequate draft, radii on internal corners, sink marks, air traps, distortion, undercut, and that the part will fill properly.? In addition we review gating, ejection, parting line locations, water cooling layout, moving direction and distance of slide etc. Design for manufacturability and efficient production is our primary objective. Early involvement and working closely with customer engineering departments provides a smooth transition from part design to final product.

Every mold is designed in 2D assembly and detailed component drawing as well as 3D assembly drawing, providing complete documents for tooling and manufacturing and ensuring proper assembly of all components. Using our advanced 2D&3D CAD/CAM software we can complete all mold design drawings in 2-5 days normally. We are able to meet our customers' shortened lead times with our 7-24 service with 3 shifts.
[6. Some screenshots of CAD/CAM software]

With our advanced CAD/CAM/CAE systems, such as Pro-Engineer, Solidworks, Unigraphics, MoldFlow, AuotoCAD, MasterCAM, CATIA in mould design and processing, we can provide you most of different types of files (DXF, DWG, PRT, SAT, IGES, STEP, SLDASM, SLDPRT, CATPart format etc).

We can provide you Moldflow Analysis including analysis of wrap, cooling, fill time, temperature, air traps, welding lines, shear rate, shrinkage and so on.



Most of customer would like to make rapid prototype (RP) in short time first before production hard tool for evaluation, assembly, test or exhibition. We can provide you service of prototype modeling by the method of CNC, SLA(Stereolithography) and SLS(Selective Laser Sintering) with material such as ABS, PC, PMMA, PA, POM, PBT etc. Also we can provide you metal parts such as steel, AL, Copper with CNC.

HC-Mold Maker can also provide small batch quantity production with rapid tool (RT) technology. The material of rapid tool can be soft steel, AL, ABS block, epoxy fiber-glass even silicone rubber. We can provide you short run production of large size parts for automobile and medical industry with low-pressure RIM (Reaction Injection Molding). With soft steel or AL rapid tool (RP) technology, you can get the parts for test with the material your finished parts use.

Rapid Tool Technology (RT):
HC-Mold Maker specializes in Rapid Tool. We have provided all kinds of medium, large size medical parts for medical company in USA. More and more customers have strong requirement of Rapid Tool (RT), which means short lead time, small batch production with good quality and low price, especially for the large size parts. So customers can achieve the diversification of the products.

We try our best to find the most suitable means to help you develop your new product in short time.

CNC Machining Parts


HC-Molds is a professional sub-contract manufacturer for custom precision machined parts, with a wide range of materials suited to different industries and specialize in both short to medium run productions and prototypes.



HC-Mold Maker is equipped with the advance facilities such as high speed CNC machine centers, high mirror polishing EDM machines, high precision Wire-cut machines, inspection equipment from Sodick, FANUC, Mitsubishi, Korean and Taiwan, which guarantees the high quality and tight tolerance of molds.

We always use high quality steels such as 718, 738, S136 and 8407 from ASSAB of Sweden, GS-738 and GS-711 from Thyssen of Germany, NAK80 from DAIDO of Japan and P20, 420. And we always use mould bases and standard components such as LKM, DME, HASCO, FUTABA etc.

With rich experience of many kinds of mold construction and mechanism, HC-Mold Maker is able to construct a wide variety of molds and components that will work efficiently, effectively and accurately, while at the same time keeping the customer's cost as low as possible. Minimum material waste, reduction or elimination of scrap, low maintenance, and long mold life are the standards in a well built mold.

We are familiar with hot runner systems such as MOULD MASTER, Master TIP, HUSKY, HASCO, DME, YUDO, INCOE, THERMOPLAY, Synventive etc. With hot runner system you can eliminate sprues and runners, decrease cycle time per part, improve consistency in the part, and allow for better control of the overall molding process.

We have the ability of making Automatic Unscrewing Molds which are used for molding parts which contain internal threads. Tight tolerances in the internal gearing are critical to ensure proper core extraction speed for accurate and reliable threading.

HC-Mold Maker prides itself on its high-end, high quality, long life hard molds with high precision. We can produce molds that can produce plastic parts within a tolerance of +/- .0004 inch.

HC-Mold Maker has a specialty to produce high quality plastic gears. Tight tolerances on plastic gears and worms are important for proper function and reduced wear. HC-Mold Maker can produce high precision plastic gears and worms to meet the standard of customers. Most Gears is applied in the Japanese OA equipment and German tiny motors as well as in the automobile. We can achieve high precision gears according to DIN 58400, module 0.18, quality grade 8f s".

HC-Mold Maker has a rich experience of a variety of custom mold design such as:
  • 2-plate, 3-plate, stripper plate mold
  • Family mold
  • Multi-cavity mold
  • Double injection mold
  • Hot runner mold
  • Insert mold
  • Over mold
  • Gas-assisted Mold
  • Die casting mold
  • Blow mold



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We build our molds to meet the highest customer standards for quality and reliability, designed to withstand high volume production with minimal maintenance. HC-Mold Maker has strict quality control with Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) report, incorporating scientific molding and statistical techniques.

We have capability of double injection molding, in-mold decoration (IMD), insert molding, over molding, rubber compression molding & secondary operations as required.

From commodity resins to engineering grades (mostly exotic), HC-Mold Maker can take on your most demanding plastics applications. Our knowledgeable staff has rich experience in the field. That experience, coupled with state-of-the-art equipment, enables us to determine exact processing parameters and accommodate the most technologically and dimensionally demanding applications. Close tolerance parts are our specialty!

Most of our quality material is from famous company such as GE, Dupont, GLS, Kynar, Solef, Victrex, Eastman, Sangsung, BASF, Bayer, EMS, Cheimei and so on.

We have rich experience of molding with materials such as ABS, FR-ABS(Sangsung Straex VE-0860T,GE FR15U), PC(GE Lexan 925A, 940A, Bayer Makrolon6555 V0, 6557), PC+ABS, PMMA, PA12(Grilamid TR55, Dupont Zytel 151L), PA6+PA66(Grillon TSM-30), PA66(Dupont Zytel Rynite 132F, 42A, KOPA KN333G30), TPE(GLS CL2242, 2042), TPR, TPU, PP, PPS(Fortron 0220A9 130A64), LCP(Ticona Vectra A700), PEEK(VICTREX 450G), PSU(UDEL P-1700), POM(Ticona Celcon M90, Dupont Delrin 525GR), PVDF(Kynar 720, 740, Solef 6010), PET(Eastman Durastar MN631, EN052), PBT(Dupont Crastin 6130, LANXESS POCAN B 3235 901510), MDPE etc.

Secondary Operations

Ancillary secondary operations are additional manual or automated operations which are performed on a parts after the molding process is complete. These operations can range from the simple removal of runners or flashing to complex assembly and testing.

We provide a variety of surface treatment such as silkscreen printing, pad printing, spray coating, laser etching and other special surface enhancement. We can deal with ultra sonic welding, heat staking and final assembly.

Assembly can range from manually snapping two parts together to customized complex insertion procedures. We can provide customers with electronic and mechanical parts assembly, testing and inspection. As a complete service provider, we can assemble integrated circuit board, pack the finished product and ship out to the shelf of supermarket.